Howdy fellow Outlaws,

Communal Cowboy is trying to do our part in helping our local and extended communities by slashing prices by 50%, allowing more people access to our products during these times of COVID-19. Where this may help some, others may not necessarily need the discount. For y'all, we are still slashing 50% off, but we are giving you the option to pay $5 more. In doing so, you will be donating that $5 to support the service industry workers of our great country. 

We will be sending the donations weekly to NRAEF's Restaurant Employee Relief FundThe restaurant industry has been devastated by the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis, with workers across the nation losing their jobs and livelihood due to forced business closures. The Restaurant Employee Relief Fund has been created to help those struggling workers, with 100 percent of the monies raised going to impacted restaurant workers.

Communal Cowboy's values were built on community, and what better way to stay true to those values than to help people... help people. Let's take care of each other.