Meet the Communal Cowboys

Meet the Communal Cowboys

In 2019, two Austinites had an idea to create something that they felt represented their city. Something that brought the same sense of community to other people that Austin brought to them growing up. A brand that Austin could be proud of, and call their own. Austin has its live music, it’s kicking food scene, and one of the best local and supportive communities you could ask for. So what was it missing? It’s very own Cannabis company. This sparked the idea behind the original cannabis company out of Austin, TX, and thus, Communal Cowboy was formed. 

Most of you know that Texas isn’t the biggest fan of cannabis… it may be closer to #40-50 in terms of ranking. But Austin is a different story. This city has long been a proponent of the legalization of cannabis and reform around cannabis laws. The ‘boys wanted to be a part of the community that continued the push to normalize cannabis culture and give our Austinites and fellow Texans a brand we could all get behind. 

So, they began their journey to build out Austin’s very own cannabis brand. In order to do things the right way in the great state of Texas, their first step was to research Industrial Cannabis (or Hemp). They went in search of the best organically grown hemp they could find in the country. Ultimately their search led to an amazing farm in Oregon that they would go on to partner with as their select farm for Communal Cowboy’s flower. One of the most important things to them was partnering with a farm that they would be proud of, and their customers could take pride in too. And when your farm has Cannabis Cup Awards, you know you have found the right relationship. 

Now that the initial steps had been taken, Communal Cowboy was on its way to its next stage of brand growth. And it doesn’t just stop with CBD Flower, the ‘boys are on a mission to bring our fellow Cowboys a whole lineup of top-notch and high-quality CBD products for you to enjoy and experience. The sky is the limit for what comes next for our brand and we are so happy to have you along for the ride. We feel confident in what we are building here and we want you to feel confident in what you are buying. 

So here’s to Ritualistic Relaxation, Community Building, and being a Communal Cowboy. Cheers y’all, and welcome to the posse. 

- The ‘Boys

Co-founder, Jake
Co-founders Jake (Left) and Justin (Right)
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